There is always fantastic activities around the place inside and out to do so this caters for all different children’s interests. I’m always informed of changes or important events happening at the centre which is great as a parent to know what your child is doing when you are not there.

I highly recommend the centre to anybody looking for child care.


My son has been going to Learning Adventures Mangorei now for 2 years. The staff have been incredible with settling him in each day and making him feel a part of the great family atmosphere that they have.

He has multiple food allergies so this been a great learning curve for the centre to accommodate him. They are amazing, finding different brands of foods that I have suggested to bring into the centre so that he can eat similar foods to the rest of the children and not feel left out.


Gerry Carino

My children love Learning Adventures Mangorei. The management and staff are passionate about their work, they are very kind and caring. They are very helpful with giving ideas and tips on how to manage different behaviors that we can experience at home. 

The facilities are great and they have fun learning themes throughout the year that the children really embrace. There are many daily activities for the children to choose from. My children love it so much that they are very reluctant to leave most days.