Our People

Lisa Leckie
Centre Manager

Lisa Leckie is passionate about promoting a rich learning environment full of respectful, meaningful interactions between teachers, children and their whanau. Lisa has been working within early childhood education since 2004 and holds a Bachelor of Education, full teacher registration and a Diploma in Children’s Story Writing.

Lisa believes parents are the most important people in children’s lives and therefore ensures a high level of communication between home and the centre. She loves coming to work each day to share in the enthusiasm, thoughts and ideas that young children naturally share as they discover the world around them. When she’s not working, Lisa loves travel and crafts and is also an avid photographer. She also has two adult children and she and her husband have plenty of animals at home who love to be fussed over.

“I really enjoy supporting other teachers to be the best they can be, as teachers and as team players. I strongly believe you never know what is around life’s corner, so you should do what you love to do… for me that is working alongside young children, I love my job!” - Lisa

Debbie Hollingsworth
Team leader of the infants and toddlers

Debbie is excited to be working in early childhood, she is inspired to share her knowledge with her team and is passionate about working with young children. Debbie inspires her team to create a calm respectful environment in which children are challenged to learn at their own pace.

Debbie and her husband have two teenage children. In her spare time Debbie loves DIY projects, travelling, and spending time with family.

Debbie has a Bachelor of Education (ECE) and has been at Lollipops Educare Upper Hutt since 2013

“I really believe in a philosophy of respect, I share this belief with my team, the children and their Whanau”- Debbie

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