At Learning Adventures Warkworth, they encourage children to take part in so many guided activities, turning them into real explorers of their world and natural environments. The teachers are caring, loving and their passion for the children is heartfelt. So is their love for sustainability, and their strong sense of community. Children are empowered to discover for themselves in a trial-and-error manner - I’m always amazed by what they get involved with.

The teachers seem to effortlessly get to know our girls’ interests and personalities. Through activities, experiences, group times, shared ‘kai’ times and inside and outside play, they capture the children’s interest and provide a creative environment which offers endless opportunities to communicate, explore and contribute.

Yasmine Ksakass

The team of carers are absolutely fabulous! It makes my day to know my kids have been looked after so well! I've never seen anyone frustrated or about to lose their cool which I have in previous centres. Thank you all for being so genuinely interested in giving our children the devoted attention and love they need while mummy and daddy are at work! We appreciate it so much! Yas and Nick :)

Jasmine Brown

We cannot rate Learning Adventures Warkworth highly enough. The teaching standard and variety of activities available for the children is excellent.

Nikki and Mike Howard

People make a place and I have found the staff at Learning Adventures Warkworth supportive and helpful while providing quality care of my two children, and would not hesitate to recommend Learning Adventures Warkworth to anyone.


It would have been easier for us to enrol our daughter in a childcare centre in Wellsford as its closer to our house – but we chose Learning Adventures Warkworth because we love it!

Our daughter has developed noticeably in every aspect and she is learning by having fun. The staff are very caring and you can tell all the children at the centre are very happy, which is a good thing and it is definitely a place you want your child to be.

Thank you guys, I won’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone!


My husband and I are delighted with the care that has been provided to our Son at Learning Adventures Warkworth. All the teachers are incredibly dedicated and its clear to see that each one of them have a genuine enthusiasm for their role and are passionate about each child and their individual needs.

Our Sons continued happiness and development are a true testament to the wonderful environment Learning Adventures Warkworth provides.


My daughter has been attending Learning Adventures Warkworth for the past 3 years.

Learning Adventures Warkworth is just like extended family, staff are great, well trained and the children love them. Learning Adventures Warkworth keep you up to date with your child’s progress and achievements and offer children the freedom to explore and discover.

Wouldn’t consider any other childcare for my daughter.


OMG this has to the best advertising for Learning Adventures Warkworth! (Response to her son engaging in mud play). In the middle of housing, little boys can still be boys. One of the main reasons we choose Learning Adventures Warkworth -as well as the awesome ladies who look after and teach our children.


Marcus and I have been particularly impressed by the programme that is currently happening on the four year old side of Learning Adventures Warkworth. Coen has been learning phonic sounds for letters and is now able to come home and look at an alphabet book, sound the letters out and also suggest words that start with the particular letter.

We feel that this is excellent preparation for reading at school and something our older daughter missed out on at another daycare. It was particularly funny when he had a friend over (who attends the same daycare) and they spent some time both teaching each other the letters. I am really grateful to the initiative of the teachers to reach out to the local primary schools. They organise school visits (difficult for working parents), as the children are reaching school age, and the teachers also find out how to support the early learning for the writing and reading programmes at the primary schools.


I first enrolled my son to start at Learning Adventures Warkworth when my husband and I began planning to purchase a business. As we moved through the business purchase process we needed flexibility with my son's daycare needs as we often had changing appointments. Learning Adventures Warkworth were always able to accommodate our needs, and our son got to have a wonderful time developing and playing with resources that we don't have at home! I love how comfortable and confident our son is with going to daycare, and I know he is being well cared for by all the lovely teachers and staff. Thank you!

Alyssa Gordon