Active Movement Play at Learning Adventures Maraenui

A new fitness initiative led by Sport Hawke’s Bay has got the kids at Learning Adventures Maraenui building their skills in everything from hula hooping to tennis.

Active Movement P.L.A.Y. (Physical, Learning, Activities, Yay) are community based fun activities specifically designed for young children. Every Wednesday from 9:30 to 10:30 am tamariki, kaiako and whanau from Active Explorers Maraenui head down to Maraenui Park to join in on the fun.

“It’s a great opportunity to promote health and nutrition in different and fun ways,” says centre manager Teresa Heke.

“The tamariki get to engage in physical movement of all kinds to challenge their balance and coordination, locomotor skills, agility and hand to eye coordination. They’re provided with all the equipment and resources they need, and they have such a blast exploring everything.”

The initiative is part of the Marae Fit programme which sees every participant earning points towards their marae. Learning Adventures Maraenui have linked their points to Pukemokimoki marae.

“It’s nearest to us and our shared papakainga to unite us all as a people of LAM and Maraenui.”

So, what are the children’s favourite activities?

“The hula hoops spinning around and around.” (Maia and Athena-Rose)

“Hitting the bat and the ball off the cone.” (Alexander)

“Kicking balls and attempting to throw them over the goal post.” (Kadia)

“Throwing the ball into the air and whacking it with a tennis racket.” (Seth)

“Balancing on the wobbly balancing steps and stepping over the stepping stones.” (Symphony)

And not surprisingly, everyone loves the bubbles at the end!