Highly recommended kindergarten. The teacher ratio is very good so that they can take care of each child. My daughter entered here when she was only 1 year old...she developed a good routine, and she could sleep and eat by herself. She also gained two inseparable friends. I am surprised about her growth!




We had a very good time here feel so sorry to move out. We shall recommend all my friends’ kids to Learning Adventures. 


We highly recommend this daycare. Azania loves every moment there. Although she had to leave because we moved she always had a home away from home! The teachers are amazing! 


I just want to thank you guys for all your support. The teachers that are there at level 3 are AMAZING! Very organized pickup and drop off. I loved the way they talk about COVID-19 with the kids as well. Luana has enjoyed so much to be there.

Thank you!



We have been coming here since my daughter (now 9 years) was six months old. We have always found the staff to be genuinely caring and helpful. Thank you for taking such good care of my children over the years. We will miss all the friendly faces! 

January 2020

At Learning Adventures Warkworth, they encourage children to take part in so many guided activities, turning them into real explorers of their world and natural environments. The teachers are caring, loving and their passion for the children is heartfelt. So is their love for sustainability, and their strong sense of community. Children are empowered to discover for themselves in a trial-and-error manner - I’m always amazed by what they get involved with.

The teachers seem to effortlessly get to know our girls’ interests and personalities. Through activities, experiences, group times, shared ‘kai’ times and inside and outside play, they capture the children’s interest and provide a creative environment which offers endless opportunities to communicate, explore and contribute.

Yasmine Ksakass

We are happy with the activities and the progress Patrisse has made. She loves attending day care and we are confident she will eventually get there with her continued learning and development. Thank you for all the hard work helping her to develop so many strengths at just 2 years old! We appreciate you all very much.

Pat and Abi Kapi

Your centre actively and consistently works well with my children, and they are happy and learning a lot.

Learning Adventures Mangere East Parent

Thank you so much for being a huge part of Peyton’s life while she has been attending your centre. She has learned so much and we are so proud of all the things she has gained from attending. She will miss you all lots. I am so lucky that she has been loved and cared for by all the teachers just as much as she would have if she was at home. She is so lucky and so are we. 

The Powdnells

I think your centre is actively and consistently working very well with my children. My children are happy and learning a lot here. We are happy with activities and progress my child has made. She loves attending day care, thank you for all your hard work and helping my child develop so many strengths! We appreciate you all very much!

Learning Adventures Mangere East Parent