Fun in our newly revamped outdoor area

The kaiako at Learning Adventures Rosedale saw an opportunity to change up and revamp the outdoor area for the children to explore. We took the metal climbing structure and turned it into a tent, added some colour planter boxes with freshly potted herbs and remade the wooden reel by painting it and creating a book area.

The children took this opportunity to explore the revamp and make it theirs. At the camp site, they had their "wooden sticks" and were 'cooking sausages' then they where making marshmallows, and others where having a 'braai'. 

Having an environment where spontaneous play is recognized and children feel that their play is valued, leads the children to explore and gives them a sense of belonging.

They have certainly enjoyed having the vegetables to tend to, the pretty flowers to look at and smell, and an area to sit and relax while watching what their friends are busy with around them.