Picnic and Play time at Richmond School with Learning Adventures Maraenui

Today we thought we would venture out into our community one last time during the school holidays and enjoy something new. We decided to have a picnic lunch with some yummy buns which were donated by a lovely lady in the community. Using the bread buns we had chicken and tomatoe buns and chicken, egg and tomato buns to enjoy. We walked through our back gate and out onto the Richmond School field. We took along some mats to sit on and have our picnic too and made our way over to the playground. Before heading over Whaea Piri did a hazard sweep throughout the playground to ensure there were no dangerous items for the children and interrupt their play. Once the check was all done and clear we went on our mission to the playground. 

Everyone sat so well on the whāriki, as they waited for their lunch to come around. Everyone chose which bun they’d like to eat then enjoyed their meal. Once everyone’s tummies had a rest it was time to explore the playground and engage in some physical challenges. 

It was amazing to see the physical abilities and capabilities amongst all the children today. Each and every child showed bravery with the capabilities of testing out the unknown and taking risks as they explored different areas of the playground. Size and height did not come into play today with anyone, the playground became free range for all who were there to enjoy and have a good time! 

There were times where my heart skipped a beat because a child was way up high, or it appeared as though their little arms and legs may not quite reach the other side. But I was reminded to never fear but trust that the children understand their limits and boundaries and trust they can also anticipate how to keep themselves safe. This is exactly what they done today, I saw small legs stretch and reach to the other side of a bar. I saw children climbing up a tall rock climbing wall unassisted and unfazed by heights. I was amazing by the diverse talents and awareness that these 2-5year olds possess within themselves. The children of Learning Adventures Maraenui are courageous and go getters! What fantastic characteristics to have at such a young age and stage in life. These children are going to go places in the future, we have many smart and talented children and we are so blessed by them each day. 

The children loved rolling down the hill and chasing after one another during a game of tag. Running along the awesome bike track dirt paths and exploring the nature in the outdoors. Sitting in a quiet spot on the grass and taking in the fresh air around them and enjoying the beautiful sunshine ☀️ 

What a great morning it has been out here at the playground, we are fortunate to have access to this directly across from us at the centre. We will most definitely be utilising this playground many times throughout the year now that we have had a taster experience! Seeing the children smile and laugh as they enjoyed each other’s company was awesome. We took a ball over to kick around the field, the children loved seeing how far they could kick it and enjoyed chasing after it once Tāwhirimåtea blew it away’

Looking forward to our next outing back across the field to the playground again. A way to further support the children’s enjoyment to play on the playground is to plan a full Centre trip to the new Anderson Park in Greenmeadows. Watch this space whānau!