Our Rooms

Learning Adventures Airport Oaks has three separate rooms, enabling us to deliver safe, nurturing and age appropriate learning experiences for all our children.  

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Little Kiwis

Our Little Kiwis are our under 2s, with their own dedicated space that is safe, secure and homely.

Daily Routine

7:00 am: Centre opens

7:30 am: Breakfast

8:30 am: Free play

9:00 am: Morning tea

9:30 am: Planned activities

10:30 am: Nappy change

10:45 am: Mat time

11:00 am: Lunch

11:30 am: Sleep time

1:30 pm: Free play

2:15 pm: Afternoon tea

2:30 pm: Story time

3:00 pm: Free play, learning experiences and preparing for home time

6:00 pm: Centre closes


The Pukeko Room caters for our children aged 2 – 3.5 years old and is filled with inspiring and engaging resources specially designed for this age group.

Daily Routine

7:00 am: Centre opens, settle children, breakfast

8:15 am: Outdoors set up for play and learning experiences

9:30 am: Rolling morning tea begins

10:00 am: Indoor and outdoor flow, activities are set up and refreshed

10:15 am: Nappy change and toileting

11:00 am: Children come inside for mat time (with optional activities for those who don’t want mat time)

11:30 am: Lunch

11:50 am: Children prepare for nap time

1:00 pm: Outdoors opens

1:30 pm: Toileting and nappy changing

2:30 pm: Afternoon tea

2:45 pm: Outdoors open for free play, teachers help the children who go home at 3:00 pm to get ready for home

4:30 pm: Outdoors tidied up and closed, children come inside and are involved in quiet activities – reading, singing, sharing about their day

5:00 pm: Late snack; teachers assist the children in finding their belongings and getting them ready to go home

6:00 pm: Centre closes 


Our Fantails are our children aged 3 years and above, and this warm and welcoming space is full of enriching activities and resources that build independence and resilience and prepare little ones for the next phase of their learning journey – school.

Daily Routine

7:00 am: Centre opens, greet tamariki, breakfast

8:30 am: Free play

10:00 am: Morning tea

10:30 am: Learning experiences and activities set

11:30 am: Mat time

12:00 pm: Lunch

12:30 pm: Quiet activity time – tamariki are given the opportunity to rest or explore

1:30 pm: Outdoor play

2:00 pm: Afternoon tea

3:00 pm: Afternoon mat time (optional)

3:30 pm: Free play

5:00 pm: Late snack

6:00 pm: Centre closes