Our Rooms

Learning Adventures Flaxmere is a small, family orientated centre where all our children play together and learn from each other in one warm and welcoming shared space.

Daily Routine

7:45 am: Centre opens, free play

9:50 am: Tidy up time

10:00 am: Morning karakia

10.10 am: Morning tea

10:25 am: Free play

11:15 am:  Lunch time for 12:00 pm bus children

12:20 pm: Sleepers go to bed

12:20 pm: Free play

2:40 pm: Tidy up time

2:50 pm: Group time

3:00 pm: Afternoon tea

3.15 pm: Free play

4:40 pm: Late snack

5:15 pm: Centre closes

This routine is flexible to meet children’s needs throughout the day.  Children sleep and meal times are also flexible depending on their needs. Learning experiences are provided throughout the day. Nappies are checked every two hours, before children go to sleep, when they wake up, and then again before they go home, as per centre policy.