Thank you all for the care and support you have given our child over the last few years here at Learning Adventures. Our child has made many special memories and friendships.

Anna & Ethan

Just want to send a huge mihi to the kaiako of Learning Adventures!

You have all been a second family to my child throughout their preschool years and have been with us through some huge milestones in their life. We appreciate all the laughs, tears, friends, kai, celebrations, snotty noses, tantrums and growth into their new journey at school. With the utmost respect and love.


Thank you so much for being a huge part of Peyton’s life while she has been attending your centre. She has learned so much and we are so proud of all the things she has gained from attending. She will miss you all lots. I am so lucky that she has been loved and cared for by all the teachers just as much as she would have if she was at home. She is so lucky and so are we. 

The Powdnells

An enormous thank you to all that you do! Your inclusive philosophy is so clear and we really appreciate it. This is the most multi-cultural place we know and we love it!

Morgz, Janie, Jayda and Skye

To all the wonderful teachers at Learning Adventures Te Puke. You all have been amazing in your own way. You have all blown me away with all your love and support you have given all my children during their time in your care. Not only have you looked after my children but you have also looked after me. 

Thank you for everything you've taught Prisha from 6 months to now. The kind of care you all have provided is truly priceless, so on behalf of Prisha and her entire family, thank you to you all. We are so grateful for finding a daycare for our daughter, I would just like to say you're awesome!