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Our Story

Learning Adventures Rotorua is right in the center of Culture and History. We have Whakarewarewa and Te Puia Geothermal on our doorstep.

There is 3 Centre buildings that makes up Learning Adventures Rotorua and all 3 are unique in their own way.

The buildings are spacious and equipped to meet the children’s needs.

Our infant room is very special and is a place that any mother would be comfortable in leaving their baby. The staff are made up of 3 qualified, 1 in training and 1 unqualified in a very caring, nurturing environment. They have an outdoor area that is gorgeous with planter boxes with vegetables growing, a little sandpit it is age appropriate outdoor area.

The toddlers have 4 qualified and 1 unqualified. It has fantastic interactive activities happening all the time. Self help skills are encouraged. The outdoor area is very exciting and spacious. It has a lovely big sand pit, a little whare in the corner. The outdoor area is very well shaded and very interactive.

Our other 2 centres cater for mixed age groups of 2-5 and 3-5. They are very well resourced and awesome for children to grow and learn.

In our centre it is inspired by:

 The Reggio Emilia Approach is an innovative and inspiring approach to early childhood education which values the child as strongcapable and resilient; rich with wonder and knowledge. Every child brings with them deep curiosity and potential and this innate curiosity drives their interest to understand their world and their place within it.


The centre has 3 buildings:

The Tui Centre is situated in Sala street.

It is licenced for 50 children 2-5years

The head teacher is Julie Aitken, who is very experienced in Early Childhood and leads a team of 5 teachers, including Julie the centre is well staffed.

The Kea Centre is situated on the corner of Tryon and Froude Street.

It is licenced for 3-5 years.

The head teacher is Josie Stewart who is very experienced in Early Childhood and leads a team of 6 including herself.

The main Centre in Tryon Street is where the Managers office and reception are. Our Administrator works from there taking care of all 3 complexes' admin, enrolments etc and assists the manager.

The Kiwi Centre is made up of two centres adjacent to each other, this is our Infants and Toddlers areas.

Infants have up to 15 children and age range is 0-18months depending on the child’s development (it could be sooner or later but this is all ways discussed with the parents.

The Head Teacher is Victoria Bryers (Tori) who is very experienced in working with babies and leads a team of 4.

The Toddlers have up to 35 children and do a wonderful job in getting the children to their next level of learning.

Judy-Anne Morgan is Head Teacher of the Toddlers and is also the Assistant Manager. Very experienced in working with all age groups. She leads a team of 6 teachers. She is very supportive of all the staff of all 3 complexes.

ERO Report

The Education Review Office (ERO) is the New Zealand government department that evaluates and reports on the education and care of students in schools and early childhood services. ERO’s reports are used by parents, teachers, early childhood education managers, school principals and trustees, and by government policy makers.

Early childhood services are reviewed on average once every three years. Reviews will be more frequent where the performance of a school or centre is poor and there are risks to the education and safety of the students, or less frequent where a school has a stable reporting history and demonstrates good self-review processes and use of its assessment information.

You can read our centre’s ERO review here.

Centre Information

Centre Hours

Monday – Friday: Full Days 7.30 - 5.30

                          Half Days 7.30 - 12.30/12.30 - 5.30

Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday: Closed\

Ages Catered For 0-5 years

Centre Capacity (or specific rooms)

Kiwi Centre licenced for 50 Children 15 children in the infants room and 35 in the Toddlers

Tui Centre Licenced for 50

Kea Centre Licenced for 50