Our Rooms

Learning Adventures Rotorua operates across three separate buildings each designed to cater for different ages and stages.

Nursery (0-22 months)

Here at Learning Adventures Rotorua, the friendly caring and nurturing nursery environment consists of four full-time teachers who see all play as awesome learning experiences. In the nursery, we strive to provide a safe and encouraging environment, use respectful communication and interactions between children and teachers and provide plenty of opportunities and possibilities, which children can do all their learning naturally. Respected and trusted relationships allow infants to grow and master skills in a positive manner and the more predictable their environment is, the easier it is for them to learn. Our environment has a “infant/baby area just for those who are not quite moving. While they are given every opportunity to be around their peers, sometimes they just want their own space so that they can investigate, discover or practise moving their mighty muscles. To help communicate with children, we use eight baby sign actions. The nursery also has our own outside environment where there is an obstacle course, outside toys and a dirt pit. We have a small garden area where there are herbs and eatable flowers growing. For those rain or cold days, we can enclose the deck area for some ‘outside play.’ We value the importance of collaborating with children’s’ families. Your aspirations for your child, their own aspirations for themselves, children’s’ development or what teachers may have observed, provides an environment that encourages learning and growth which is documented through Individualized Learning Programmes. We also offer excursions, (short walks), visiting Whakawerawera, the rose gardens or ‘spider park,’ as a way for children to “see and connect their worlds.”


Daily Routine

We start our day with a prayer and hymn. This helps children to settle, and we usually will have spontaneous ‘sing-alongs,’ throughout the day. For the rest of the day children are exploring, inquiring, taking reasonable risks and using their mighty muscles. Just before our afternoon tea, we will recite a ‘closing prayer.’ Children have their own routines around sleep, bottle and eating which all the nursery teaching team will be aware of and follow children’s’ cues. Each teacher also has a “area of responsibility” that they monitor.  

9.15 am -9.45 am We have morning tea all together.

11.15 am -11.45 am Lunch. All our meals come with fresh cooked vegetables that our chef prepares every morning. Once again, we all eat together.

2.15 am -2.45 pm It is time for afternoon tea all together.

4.30 pm A small late snack is given

3-4 Hours Nappies are checked but are changed throughout the day as needed.

Sleep & Bottles The nursery team follows what the routine at home is for each child.

While we are getting to know your child and their family, to provide as much support and care for when they first start, your child will have a notebook which teachers will record their day-to-day routines.       


Toddler Room (18 months - 3 years)

“Poipoia te kakano Kia puawai”- Nurture the seed and it will blossom

Nau mai, Haere mai, welcome to the Kea room for our toddlers 18 months to 3 years.

As you walk through our door you see a whānau of Kaiako and tamariki learning and growing with and alongside each other. There are four Kaiako in our room who all share a passion of empowering and nurturing our tamariki, we are here to support our tamariki to grow and gain the skills and knowledge to set them up For life.

We provide healthy and nutritious meals made here by our centre cook. We encourage and guide our tamariki to be independent during our whānau kai times by having our tamariki serve and feed themselves. Giving them the opportunity to choose and try new foods. During kai time kaiako encourage conversations, creating moments for all to share their thoughts and ideas on their day and what is important to them.
Our indoor-outdoor flow allows for tamariki to choose their learning opportunities, to explore with all their senses and discover at their own pace, in their own time.

We create spaces to challenge our Tamariki’s mental and physical abilities. Spaces to inspire creativity and encourage imaginations to flourish. Spaces where our Tamariki can slow down and take the time they need.

Our Tamariki have the opportunity to get out in our local community through walks to the Redwoods and Whakarewarewa.
Kaiako create inclusive learning experiences through communication and a partnership with Whānau about their tamariki. Our Whānau are a valued part of our community and are encouraged to spend time with us. We share photos and celebrate learning through story park, and Whānau can do the same from home. We have a room cell phone if you need to contact us.

Toddlers Daily Routine

Interesting activities are set up first thing in the morning to encourage quiet settling in time for the children. As the weather warms up, we set up our inside outside flow, enabling children to choose where they want to be throughout the day.

9:00 am: Morning tea

11:30 am: Lunch time

12:00 pm: Sleep time

1:30 – 2:00 pm: Afternoon tea

Food is available throughout the day. Nappy changing and toileting starts at 9:00 am and continues on at 11:00 am, 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm. Changes are also carried out as needed throughout the day, and nappies are checked again before children go home. Children who are toilet training are encouraged to use the toilet regularly.

In the Kiwi Toddlers Room, we encourage children’s independence. Children thrive and gain confidence here, secure in the knowledge that they have teachers here to support them.

Keas (3-5 years)

The Kea Room at Learning Adventures Rotorua comprises of 5 full-time teachers, who have built a strong relationship as a team and provide a stable environment to support children’s learning and development. Our room is built under 4 strong, guiding principles of Collaboration, Respect, Family and Community from the relationships we have with our teachers, the area, and our whanau. These guiding principles are strongly linked to our centre philosophy. We provide an environment with a wide range of resources that is open to children’s interpretations where they can be curious, create and investigate. As an extension to our curriculum areas, we also offer a fortnightly rotating Bike Day and Redwoods Walk. This natural play environment allows children’s imagination to connect with real-life experiences. The children are the central focus for us as a centre and as such we provide an individualised programme that is created with the parents/whanau and child’s aspirations at the heart.

Daily Routine

We start our day off with a mat time that is often child lead and optional for tamariki to join in, we find that this sets the tone for the day and gives the tamariki a chance to share something with their peers. Then each teacher has an area that they are responsible for.

9.30 am-10.00 am We have a rolling morning tea, where tamariki get to serve up their own morning tea

11.30 am-12.30 pm Lunch, the tamariki also serve their own lunch.

2.15 am-2.45 pm We have a rolling afternoon tea, where the tamariki get to serve up their own.

4.45 pm Late snack

Nappies are checked every 3-4 hours but also changed when needed, toileting is done based on the child’s/whanau routine at home and what works best for the child.

Parent Library

At learning adventures Rotorua we have a parent library where parents can sit when their child/children are coming for pre-visits.

Our books are also available for our parents/whanau to take home, all you need to do is sign them out then sign them back in also have school information 

In our parent library for those of you who's children are just about to turn 5 we have school information available too!