I think you teachers are beautiful, encouraging, great role models and have excellent communication skills. Thank you for being open, welcoming and so approachable. Thank you.

Sherel Wanih

Thank you so much for looking after Samar so well and helping him to settle into his new environment. Samar is so lucky to have such wonderful teachers around him. Thank you so much for all your love and support. I am so very happy to see Samar is always excited and happy to go to his preschool.

Harpreet Kaur

Thank you for all the help you provided to Quiton to prepare him for “Big School”. On his first day at school he was a bit shy and cried but it didn’t take long for him to settle in, with the routines he was taught I think it made it easier for him to settle in class. His teachers were pleased that Quiton could recognise his letters and numbers; he could spell his name and write it as well. ` Thank you for all you have done for not only Quinton but for our Whanau as well. You are an awesome team.

Quiton and Whanau

Firstly, I would like to thank all the teachers and drivers here at Learning Adventures Takanini. You all are amazing and doing a wonderful job. At first when Havish started it was a really stressful time of my life especially managing three kids by myself. And Havish was crying all the time, not wanting to come and it made it very hard for me. But you all made it really easy for me. I am glad that I have teachers like you in Havish’s life. He has really learnt a lot. Havish has learnt English words and can talk in English now; he knows his letters, numbers, months of the year, planets, volcanoes, days of the week and many more things.

Thank you all for being so wonderful, nice and good role models.

Keep up your good work!


My Kataraina really loves coming home and singing us all her songs that she has learnt. She is very confident in herself. She really enjoys coming to preschool every day and playing with all her friends. Kataraina really loves being picked up in the morning by the van staff. Kataraina is my last child through this centre as I’ve had all the rest of my children attending here at some stage. Thank you all so much for providing my children with all the confidence to keep on striving in learning at school. Thank you from Ryvicrah, Nazarith, Atlanta-Faye, Taitokerau, Hoone-Pere and last but not least Kataraina.

Rochelle Nordstrand

To all the staff at Learning Adventures Takanini, I would like to express my deepest appreciation for everything you’ve done, and continue to do. I knew from day one when we walked through the doors that you were the one! Koston has strived in so many ways, so much so that every moment I’ve witnessed has been a new milestone considering he is very shy but has opened up and gained confidence. I just can’t express how much gratitude I as a single mum of two have for the centre and staff - knowing that Koston is well looked after puts my mind at ease. Thank you!

Jaymie Turner

First of all, I would like to thank the teachers of Learning Adventures Takanini for making my little girl so comfortable in this new environment, which she has just started with. Krisha loves her new school very much, she always shares her stories with me about what she ate, whom she played with and also about her teachers, she talks a lot about her gymnastics class and is always eager for one every week. I am very happy for Krisha as she is always happy to be at school and every morning eagerly waits for her transport. Krisha is very confident child and I am always looking forward for her new learning. Thank you very much for taking care of her and inspiring her to be a competent learner.

Doreen Bandhan Singh

Xyrus came home all excited about his school visit. He said that he had a lot of fun going to the “Big School” with whaea Rupinder and a couple of friends. He is learning a lot and is now saying his words and writing his letters so much better. Thank you to all the staff members here at Learning Adventures Takanini.


Bentley and Madison’s portfolios are amazing! They look so great and are so special to keep and look back on. I can’t believe how big both of them have become. Thank you guys for the great work you put into my babies. Madison loved gymnastics and Bentley has learnt so much in the six months to prepare him for school!

Gemma Smith

Thank you for treating my daughter Sophia in a good way and giving her a lot of attention. You teach her heaps of things like singing, counting numbers and the alphabet. I thank you so much for that. Keep it up Learning Adventures Takanini staff!

Catherine Cabello

Mila was very excited to start school. Prior to attending this centre, she was still very limited with her choice of words, however I have seen a huge improvement in terms of expressing herself and using her words. Mila loves to tell me about her day and she loves singing me new songs she has learnt. I’m very happy and grateful to have such lovely and engaging teachers leading her. I am excited to watch her learn more.